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SHIP us to the BWW Citrus Bowl
Your Ship Cheerleaders have teamed up with Student Council to host several events at Buffalo Wild Wings. Money raised by Student Council from the events will benefit your school. 10% of food sales at BWW will support the Cheerleaders trip to the Citrus Bowl. These events are from Now-March!  Show this card when dining and start earning money for the team.
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Athletic Director
Michael Montedoro
School Hours: (717) 530-2730 ext 1063
After Hours: (717) 530-2730 ext 1061
(717) 530-2799

High School Assistant
Athletic Director
Kevin Plasterer
(717) 530-2730 ext 1064
Secretary to the
Athletic Director
Janice Nye
(717) 530-2730 ext 1063

Athletic Trainer
Mike Marsh
(717) 530-2730 ext 1066
Cell: (717) 360-3326



lbj2Picture provided by SAMS Employee Stacey Lawson