At the August 27, 2018 Board meeting, the Board approved three high school improvement projects – entry, auditorium and multipurpose stadium – “Flagship Proud”

What is Flagship Proud?  What does it mean?  Why do we need to make improvements?

Flagship Proud is an initiative to improve the high school entrance, auditorium and to build a multipurpose stadium with a turf field, on the high school campus.

The high school is the Flagship for the Shippensburg Area School District, serving not only our students, but also our community.

The Shippensburg School Board has approved using resources from the district’s fund balance to make the “core” improvements.  Fundraising efforts would build upon the use of the district commitments.

Entry Project: estimated cost $60,000

  • Color will be added to our entryway to improve safety features
  • Shippensburg Area High School signage
  • Landscaping in the front of the building will make the high school more inviting and make visitors feel more welcomed

Auditorium Project: estimated cost $300,000

The high school auditorium is a focal point of the district and community; home to concerts, plays, musicals, assemblies and presentations.

  • Replace seats, including the wings
  • Replace carpeting and wall coverings
  • Replace sound system

Multipurpose Stadium: estimated cost $2.2 M

Build a multipurpose stadium, with a turf field, on the high school campus, for use in the 2019-20 or 2020-21 year.

  • Turf field
  • Track resurfacing
  • Bleachers
  • Press Box
  • Fencing
  • Storm Water Management

What are the next steps for Flagship Proud?

The core elements listed above are what is required to host an event or to make an improvement to the facility in the auditorium or entry.  This provides the basis for moving ahead with fundraising to supplement the core funding.

The SASD Education Foundation’s Athletic Committee is an active committee that is planning to raise funds for the multipurpose stadium.

Committees are being formed for the entry and auditorium projects to raise funds to supplement dedicated district funds.

  • Entry Committee – this committee will focus on the entry project
  • Auditorium Committee – this committee will focus on the auditorium project and may include members of the SASD Education Foundation’s Arts Committee

Interested in being involved with fundraising efforts and would like to serve on either the auditorium or entry committee?

Please contact Tammy Pritchard at (717) 530-2721 or by email tammy.pritchard@ship.k12.pa.us

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