On Friday, October 25, 2019, the community came together for the unveiling of the beautifully renovated high school auditorium – one of the District’s Flagship Proud Projects.  We are very proud of the hard work of everyone involved:  Auditorium Committee, Project Manager Joe Wachter, C.M. Eichenlaub, G.R. Sponaugle, A & A Decorating and Design, Beam Painting, Rondell Rice Drywall, Soundproofcow, and All Sound Pro.

Before pictures of the auditorium ~


After the renovation ~


If you would like to contribute to any of the Flagship Proud Projects, please log on to www.thegreyhoundfoundation.org or mail your check, payable to SASD Foundation  to 317 N. Morris Street, Shippensburg, PA  17257.  Please include Flagship Proud in the memo section of your check and identify the project for which you want to contribute.



At the April 23 Board meeting, the Board reviewed bids for the auditorium project slated for completion in October, 2019.  In updating project costs, Facilities Director Joe Wachter explained that to provide emergency lighting would increase costs by $60,000.  These costs are more than was budgeted.  The Board requested information about updating the sound system at the same time as other renovations are occurring.  The cost for these upgrades will be $75,000.  Board members discussed the fact that our students offer outstanding performances and deserve to be heard and appreciated.


As one of the approved projects of Flagship Proud, renovations to the high school auditorium will begin on the last day of school and extend through October 15, 2019.  At this time, seats throughout the auditorium, including the wing sections, will be replaced.  The current flooring and wall coverings will also be replaced.

While the renovations are being made, the auditorium will not be available for use.  Please plan accordingly and make other arrangements as needed.

To view a picture of the new seating and flooring, please click on New HS auditorium seating and flooring