Shippensburg Senior High School Gifted Services

The following services are available to all Shippensburg Senior High School students with a Classification of Gifted.  These services do not require specially designed instruction, and therefore do not require a GIEP.

1.  Progress Monitoring by their assigned Gifted Coordinator

2.  Scheduling conference with the Gifted Coordinator and/or Guidance Counselor

3.  Priority Scheduling

4.  Access to College coursework; paid by the school district.  {Guidelines for selecting college classes must be followed}

5.  Yearly meeting with the GIEP team to determine if a GIEP is needed

All students, Classified as Gifted, will remain on the Gifted Coordinator’s roster and will count toward their load of students.

The maximum students allowed on a roster is (X/16)*60, where x is the number of blocks, which the gifted coordinator is not assigned as the instructor of a course.

Teachers of Gifted:

Kristi Luke – Elementary

Chandler Johnson – Secondary


Coordinators of Gifted ServicesHigh School:

Scott Burkholder

Sharon Lawrence

Brian Smith

Frequently Asked Questions:

Gifted Education Frequently Asked Questions

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