Operations & Maintenance

The Shippensburg Area School District believes that the focus of the maintenance program is to provide safe, clean, attractive grounds and facilities – inside and out – for students to learn, play, and develop. We also strive to provide the best teaching environment possible for our staff. Appearance and safety standards are very high so that students learn to take pride in their schools. The Shippensburg community members view school district facilities with a great deal of pride, and the community has been very supportive of building and maintaining schools.

What Is Maintenance?

The necessary repair and upkeep of existing facilities. This includes the buildings, their associated environmental systems such as heating or cooling plants, and surrounding landscaped grounds and playing fields.

How Do I Request Maintenance Work?

  • Non-emergency items shall be addressed through the use of the work request form on line through FMX. Fill out the appropriate parts of this form and submit. Once received, the request will be assigned and scheduled for completion. Do not phone in non-emergency work orders.
  • If an emergency exists (defined as a situation that affects the life or safety of students and staff, or causes disruption to the educational process), call the Maintenance Department at one of the following numbers, (717) 530-2743, (717) 261-6515 or (717) 729-0448. Immediate action will be taken.


  • The Shippensburg Area School District has five educational buildings, one senior high school, one middle school, one Intermediate School, Nancy Grayson Elementary and James Burd Elementary Schools. The District also has one administration building.
  • All school buildings are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • All buildings have been inspected for asbestos and other requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • A copy of the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for any maintenance products used in the buildings is maintained in each building and is available for inspection.
  • Shippensburg Area School District has implemented a IPM Integrated pest management program.


The maintenance staff is committed to effectively maintain all the buildings within the school district and to keep those buildings in the best possible condition.

Grounds Maintenance

The grounds crew takes great pride in maintaining the lawns and landscaping of the Shippensburg Area School District as well as maintaining all sports fields to today’s high standards.

School Custodians

The Shippensburg Area School District takes great care to make sure that our schools are in the best possible condition. In addition to keeping the buildings clean, custodians assist with building security and help set-up for community groups that are using our facilities. Our custodial staff provides support for teachers and children during the regular school day. They also conduct a thorough cleaning of each and every school over summer vacation.

Asbestos Program

“This is to make you aware that the Shippensburg Area School District, in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), has an Asbestos Management Plan in place. That plan is available for your review in each of the school offices.

The Shippensburg Area School District performs surveillance activities in reference to the asbestos that is present in the District’s buildings every six months. The Shippensburg Area School District has had a private environmental firm perform the three-year asbestos reinspect ion of the District’s buildings as required by AHERA. The most recent three-year re-inspection was performed in March 2015.

It is very important that you review the Asbestos Management Plan before you conduct any repair, renovation or demolition activities within any of the District buildings so that you are aware of the locations of the asbestos-containing materials.

You are required to contact the Asbestos Coordinator before you conduct any activities that may disturb any asbestos-containing materials in our District’s buildings.”

Integrated Pest Management

The Shippensburg Area School District implemented and Integrated Pest Management Plan. The plan is available for review and is located in the buildings as follows:

  • Shippensburg Area Senior High School Library
  • Shippensburg Area Middle School Office
  • James Burd Elementary School Office
  • Nancy Grayson Elementary School Office
  • Administration Building – Maintenance Office


Bed Bugs

No one may apply any pesticide in or on any school property unless they are PA Department of Agriculture certified and a licensed applicator. This includes ant spray, wasp spray, weed spray, and any other type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide.

Contact Information

Director of Operations and Maintenance:  717-530-2743