Contact Numbers for Local Counseling Services

Contact Helpline 717-652-4400
Cumberland County Hotline 866-350-HELP (4357)
Franklin Family Services Carlisle 717-243-6500
Franklin Family Services Chambersburg 717-267-1515
Naugle Counseling Services 717-729-3895
PA Counseling 717-261-1426
Stevens Center 717-243-6033
Summit Behavioral Health 717-267-7480
Teenline 1-800-722-5385
Valley Counseling and Consulting 717-532-7338

Additional Resources

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Coping with Crisis—Helping Children With Special Needs

Coping with Grief

Coping with Tragedy

Stages of Grief

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Note: The District does not recommend or endorse any provider listed or not listed.

School Counselors

Senior High School

Michele Dubbs

Erica Frontino

David Lindenmuth

Middle School

Rosemary Junkin

Angie McKee

Intermediate School

Molly Onomastico

James Burd

Shawn Chiappelli

Nancy Grayson

Kelly Ackley