Meet our Human Resources Team


Human Resources Director

Tina Clever
(717) 530-2710


HR Assistant/Benefits:

Sharon Shuman
(717) 530-2706 Fax: (717)530-2811


HR Assistant:

Amelia Hoffman
(717) 530-2713 Fax: (717)530-2811

Department Mission:

The SASD Human Resources Department mission is to provide outstanding support to the District’s most valued resource—-District employees. To put it more simply, our mission is to keep all District Employees Happy, Healthy and Safe!!!!

Department Overview:

The Human Resources Department provides a wide variety of support services to interested applicants and District Employees at all levels.

The Shippensburg Area School District is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves with recruiting & hiring procedures that will attract the most qualified candidates to enhance the education of our students.

The Human Resources Department is a resource for employees.  HR is the first source for employee & labor relations issues, internal investigations, compliance with local, state and federal employment & labor law, Health Insurance information, Workers Compensation information, Leave of Absence, Certification and Employee Safety & Wellness.

The Human Resources Department has an Open Door Policy and we encourage staff members to contact our department with any questions or concerns related to their employment.

For more information on the Human Resources or questions regarding employment opportunities, Health Benefits or any other item listed above.  Please contact one of the staff members listed above.