SASD Safety


It is the mission of the SASD Safety Committee to provide knowledge, promote safe behaviors and prevent the likelihood of injury for all staff, students and general public.


Safety Starts with YOU!

Are you committed to doing your part in creating an injury free workplace?  Here is what you can do everyday to do your part:
  1. Take your time in each task that you do.  A great number of injuries occur when employees are in a rush.
  2. Check procedures, follow instructions and reject taking shortcuts.  Take time to ask questions if you are unclear on how to complete a task.  Ask for clarity if you are unsure of instruction and don’t sacrifice safety by exhibiting unsafe behaviors just to get the job done quicker.  Also, use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), it is there to keep you safe.
  3. Stay alert and observant.  While completing tasks of a high risk magnitude, avoid all distractions.  If something should cause you to lose your attention, stop the task you are doing and resume when all distractions have ended.
  4. If you see something, say something.  If you see something unsafe at the workplace or have a near miss accident, let your building principal, Director of Maintenance or Human Resources department know. In addition, if you witness a fellow employee doing something unsafe, stop them and encourage them to perform the task with safety in mind.
  5. If an injury should occur, comply with Accident Investigation Procedure.  The purpose of this procedure is not to discipline an injured employee, it is to investigate with hopes to prevent future accidents.  It is important to know what caused the incident and what could be done in the future to minimize risk.


Safety Training

If there are any tasks throughout your workday in which you would like to receive additional training or instruction, reach out to the Human Resources Department and we can assign training to help.