Child Abuse Reporting Procedures – Policy #806

Effective January 1, 2015 “School employees who suspect child abuse shall immediately make a written report of suspected child abuse using electronic technologies or an oral report via the statewide toll-free telephone number.”  School employees shall immediately notify building administration of the reported case of child abuse.  The report must be completed within 48 hours of receipt of information.  School employees could be legally held responsible for withholding information pertaining to child abuse.

Below are steps that must be completed IMMEDIATELY to create an account:

  • Go to
  • Click Create a New Account
  • Click Next
  • Enter required information – NOTE: Each employee must create their own Keystone ID.
  • Click Finish
  • You will receive an email from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with your username – Save this email for future use.
  • You will receive a second email from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with your temporary password
  • Log back into your account and update password. NOTE – Password must include a non-alpha numeric character.

Guidelines to follow to make a report:

  • Go to
  • Click on Log-In
  • Click on Access My Referrals
  • Review Terms and Conditions – Click “I have read, fully understand and agree to the My Child Welfare Account Terms and Conditions.”
  • Click Next
  • Click Continue (lower right hand corner)
  • Click Manage My Organizations
  • Type in required Information
  • Click Return to Account Overview
  • Click Create Abuse Referral
  • Click Begin
  • Complete Required Information
  • Provide Building Administrator a copy of the report confirmation as soon as possible.

If UNABLE to complete Online Form contact ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313 to make a report.

Additional information on child protective services laws can be found at PA Department of Health website at

For a step by step guide to navigating the online reporting system click here.