Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy

Academic Year 2017-2018

The Shippensburg Area School District welcomes the participation of parents in support of student learning and recognizes that parent involvement increases the opportunities for student success.  It is the policy of Shippensburg Area School District to foster and maintain ongoing communications with parent concerning their opportunities for involvement their children’s eligibility for programs, their children’s education progress, the professional qualification of their children’s teacher and the status of the school.

The School Wide Title 1 Parental Involvement section of the Every Student Succeeds Act requires each Title 1 school to develop a written parental involvement policy that describes the means carrying out the requirements of School Wide Title 1. The school provides information related to parent programs and other School wide Title 1 activities.

Title 1 program will follow these guidelines:

  1. A pamphlet explaining the Title 1 program will be available at Literacy Night. Pamphlets are also available upon request at the office.
  2. The school will provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s academic achievement, such as literacy training and using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement throughout the academic school year.
  3. In November, in conjunction with regular classroom conferences, reading specialist will meet to discuss student progress during small group instruction. Additional conferences can be scheduled at the request of the parent, classroom teacher or reading specialist.
  4. Parents are invited and encouraged to observe both individual and small group Title 1 reading classes throughout the year.
  5. The school will coordinate and integrate parental involvement programs and activities with Head Start.
  6. The school will ensure that information related to the school and parent-programs, meetings and other activities is sent to parents in an understandable and uniform format.


James Burd Comprehensive Plan

School-Family Compact – JBES