The building located at 101 Park Place, Shippensburg currently wears the name the Shippensburg Area Middle School but that has not always been the case. This building has undergone both changes in name and physical structure. Construction of this particular building started in the 1953/1954 school year with an opening and dedication in the 1954/1955 school year. In 71/72 with the construction of a new high school at 201 Eberly Drive, this building became the Shippensburg Area Junior High School which housed grades 7 – 9. During a two-year transition, 1998 – 2000, there were addition changes to the grades that were instructed in this building. Grades 7 & 8 occupied the building in 1998/99 with a change to grades 6, 7, & 8 taking place in 1999/00. This is also the year in which the name of this building became the Shippensburg Area Middle School as is it currently called today.

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There have also been many changes in administration since 1954 as shown below.

Principals Assistant Principals
1950s: Charles Davis Charles Davis
Alpheus Drayer Harry Jacobs
1960s: Apheus Drayer Harry Jacobs
G. McPherson Ernie Agles
Harry Jacobs Robert Swinsick
Robert Swinsick Samuel Norris
Geroge Bressler Robert Hartz
1970s: George Bressler Robert Hartz
Samuel Norris
1980s: Lyle Adams Ronald Straley
Rod Young Rich Bonitz
Tom Cessna
1990s: Rod Young Denny Spedden
Bill Chain Vance Varner
2000s: Bill Chain Vance Varner
Teri Mowery Beth Bender
AJ Norton
Matt Strine
Brian Granger
2010s: Teri Mowery Brian Granger
David Rice Scott Shapiro
Justin Sholes

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