NG Staff

I love being able to connect with the students. I really love when I see them using skills I have taught them in order to help themselves work through an issue. I like seeing their personalities grow and develop. (1/2017)

Mrs. Kelly Ackley – Counselor

I love my job because of the students. Being around them and seeing them interact is exciting to watch. Seeing them make progress and grow throughout the yaer as they constatnly buildon what they have already learnied is very rewarding. I also enjoy helping students understand how to make wise choices, and them witnes them applyinfg those ideas to their day at school.

Mr. Matt Chamberlin – Grade 2 Teacher

I eally enjoy working in the learning support classroom. Seeing the kids making progress is exciting. I also love working with such great colleagues.

Mrs. Patti Clugston – Classroom Assistant

Every day I have th eopportunity to make art and be creative. Best of all, I get to share my passion for art with y students whie helping them to develop their artistic abilities and ideas.

Mrs. Kelly Colton – Art Teacher

I love watching my students grow both academically and socially.

Mrs. Julie Conner – Grade 2 Teacher

The most rewarding part of my job is to see my students learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. I have a passion to partner with families to develop a connection between home and school.

Mrs. Tami Corman – Kindergarten Teacher

I love teaching beacuse I love to see the smiling aces and the excitement of the students when they are so proud of themselves once they have learned something new. Each day is filled with rewarding and challenging experiences so I want to treasure each day and provide an atmosphere of fun and happiness with positive experiences to encourage a love of learning as a foundation to connect to real life.

Mrs. Sue Dehoff – Kindergarten Teacher

I love working with the children. I love this town.

Mrs. Ann Emmons – Speech/Language Pathologist

Mrs. Holly Franklin – Grade 3 Teacher

Mrs. Lindsey Gossert – Classroom Assistant

For me, the besst part of my job is interacting with the students everyday and watching them grow, develop , and learn. Also, my job is great because I work with awesome people.

Mrs. Trisha Graham – Classroom Assistant

I love to work with the children. It makes my heart smile to watch them "love to learn".

Mrs. Megan Gustafson – Classroom Assistant

I loe children and seein ghow much they learn and grow in our year together. I am also blessed with some amazing colleagues!

Mrs. Jeannie Hackl – Grade 2 Teacher

I love teaching people how to be healthy!

Mr. Jesse Haller – Health/Wellness Teacher

I love seeing students grow through life experiences ad building a relationship with them. I love the excitement and willingness to learn at this age.

Mr. Jeremy Eastman – Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Laura Fleagle – Healthroom Assistant

I get to be helpful to the staff and children through a variety of work. It is fun to work with elementary children. They have a way of making you smile!!

Ms. Christine Freeman – Head Custodian

I enjo y interacting with the students and parents. Each day I have the opportunity to help someone. We have a wonderful school community!

Mrs. Tina Hamilton – Building Secretary

The same day never happens twice! I'm thankful to work with a wonderful group of children and adults each and every day. We are always learning together! There is nothing like seeing the "I got it" expression on a child's face during learning. Learning is a joy!

Mr. Greg Herb – Reading Specialist/Coach

I love teaching children to learn to read. It is so exciting when children realize they can do someting new, no matter what subject.

Mrs. Nan Hogan – Grade 1 Teacher


Mrs. Carol Holtry – Kitchen Staff/Cashier

I enjoy seeing how much the students change from the first day of school to the last day.

Miss Gail Holtry – Grade 3 Teacher

I love my job because I enjoy watching the students grow, both socially and academically. I am honored to have the opportunity to guide them, and I love the element of surprise of big life lessons of generosity, patience, and working together that they unknowingly teach me in return. Although our time together may be a short snippet of our entire lives, I am very grateful that our paths have been destined to cross and greatly cherish the moments we have together.

Mrs. Annie Hoover – Grade 3 Teacher

The students make my day - every day! Their smiels, hugs, and love for learning motivate me as a teacher. The staff and school community makes our school a caring, loving place for students to grow and learn.

Miss Rebekah Landis – Special Education Teacher

Mrs. Marcy Giancoli – Kitchen Staff/Dishwasher

I come to work each day to see what is going to happen next! Working with 5-9 year olds, makes for an interesting day. There is no job I would rather have. I love the students and have a fantastic staff!

Mrs. Susan Martin – Principal

I love my students!!

Mrs. Mary Lou Melisauskas – Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Becky Minick – Classroom Assistant

Mrs. Danielle Moats – Reading Specialist

I love my job because I have the opportunity/ability to positively effect a child's mind and heart everyday I come to school.

Mrs. Melissa Mowery – Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Diane Naugle – Kitchen Staff/Server

The sign in the health room reads, "Hearts and Boo Boos mended here". I love children and love to help and encourage others.

Mrs. Teresa O’Neal – School Nurse

I have always enjoyed being around kids! I love seeing students being successful (academically, socially, etc...) and knowing I had a small part in it! It is extremely rewarding.

Miss Mary Oman – Special Education Teacher

I love my job working with students that are autistic and those who have learning disabilites. The kids make me feel like I'm doing something that makes a difference. It makes my heart feel good when they look at me and say "Thanks, Mrs. Parson. I understand now".

Mrs. Sina Parson – Classroom Assistant

I want every child I teach to feel special, important, and valued. My job allows students to be supported where they are and help them to be the best they can be. There is great joy in helping students along this journey and being part of this growth and change. My colleagues are awesone, too. I treasure partnering with each one.

Mrs. Merri Shellenberger – Reading Specialist

My students are great! I love having students share their ideas and thinking so others benefit.

Mrs. Beverly Shumway – Grade 2 Teacher

I love teaching because I protect, support, guide, model, and inspire children. I want children to go and reach their goals and dreams. These children are our future. I give every child a chance because every single child is different and needs a loving teacher. I get to be a life-long learner because my students teach me something every day. We have fun!

Miss Lauren Steffan – Grade 3 Teacher

Mr. Matthew Stine – Grade 3 Teacher

I love my job because I get to spend my day with some great kids, and I have the most wonderful and supportive colleagues anyone could ask for.

Mrs. Rubyan Stutzman – Special Education Teacher

I love working with so many different adults and kids!

Mrs. Jamie Thrush – Building Secretary

I enjoy the greatness of each child and watching them be inspired and excited about learning. Each student shows happiness about something he/she loves to do; reading, counting, jumping, being a good friend. Being able to be their teacher and share the joy of "I can" moments makes my heart happy!

Mrs. Jodi Wilson – Kindergarten Teacher

Seeing the faces of the children when they realize tht they can read and write is one reason I love my job.

Mrs. Cathy Wolfe – Kindergarten Teacher


Staff not pictured include:

Mrs. Tanya Allard – Grade 1 Teacher Mr. Galen Hershey – Custodian
Mr. Jamie Caudill – Custodian Mrs. Donna McMullen – Kitchen Staff/Cashier
Mrs. Jean Clugh – Kitchen Staff/Server Mrs. Brittany Michael – Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Jen Deibler – Vocal Music Teacher Miss Rachel Ringling – Grade 1 Teacher
Miss Emily Williams – Librarian