Special Education Staff

 Building Teacher Name Type of Support Phone Number Email
Nancy Grayson Mary Valderrama Autism Support 717-530-2770 Mary.valderrama@ship.k12.pa.us
Rubyan Stutzman Learning Support 717-530-2770 Rubyan.stutzman@ship.k12.pa.us
Nancy Schroyer Learning Support 717-530-2770 Nancy.schroyer@ship.k12.pa.us  
GBLUES Becky Gerlach Learning Support 717-447-1612 Becky.Gerlach@ship.k12.pa.us
James Burd Alexis King Life Skills 717-530-2780 Alexis.king@ship.k12.pa.us
Sandy Olson Intensive Learning Support 717-530-2780 Sandra.olson@ship.k12.pa.us
Brianne Bream Emotional Support 717-530-2780 Brianne.bream@ship.k12.pa.us
Kevin Webber Learning Support 717-530-2780 Kevin.webber@ship.k12.pa.us
Intermediate School Brooke Bell Life Skills Support 717-530-3189 Brooke.bell@ship.k12.pa.us
Mike Boegel Learning Support 717-530-3189  michael.boegel@ship.k12.pa.us
Hannah Campbell Learning Support 717-530-3189 Hannah.campbell@ship.k12.pa.us
Shannon Eyer Autism Support 717-530-3189 Shannon.eyer@ship.k12.pa.us
Dona Gilson Learning Support 717-530-3189 Dona.gilson@ship.k12.pa.us
Debra Heefner Emotional Support 717-530-3189 debra.heefner@ship.k12.pa.us
Middle School Kara Chestnut Learning Support 717-530-2750 Kara.chestnut@ship.k12.pa.us  
  Stacy Coffman Learning Support 717-530-2750 Stacy.coffman@ship.k12.pa.us
Beth Laird Life Skills Support 717-530-2750 Elizabeth.laird@ship.k12.pa.us
Stan Line Learning Support 717-530-2750 Stan.line@ship.k12.pa.us
Shane Parsley Emotional Support 717-530-2750 Shane.parsley@ship.k12.pa.us  
Karen Stambaugh Learning Support 717-530-2750 Karen.stambaugh@ship.k12.pa.us
Lora Stoner Learning Support 717-530-2750 Lora.stoner@ship.k12.pa.us
Tony Weber Learning Support 717-530-2750 Anthony.weber@ship.k12.pa.us
High School Amy Brandt Life Skills 717-530-2730 Amy.brandt@ship.k12.pa.us
Caitlin Cressler Learning Support 717-530-2730 Caitlin.cressler@ship.k12.pa.us
Eric Foust Learning Support 717-530-2730 Eric.foust@ship.k12.pa.us
Missi Forrester Emotional Support 717-530-2730 Missi.forrester@ship.k12.pa.us
Rhonda Foust Learning Support 717-530-2730 Rhonda.foust@ship.k12.pa.us
Brianne Parham Learning Support 717-530-2730 Brianne.parham@ship.k12.pa.us
Jody Shoemaker Autistic Support 717-530-2730 jody.shoemaker@ship.k12.pa.us
Kim Yonish Learning Support 717-530-2730 Kim.yonsih@ship.k12.pa.us


Special Education Support Services

Teacher Name Building Type of Support Phone Number Email
Ann Emmons NG, MS, HS Speech Pathology NG: 717-530-2770
MS: 717-530-2750
HS :717-530-2730
Stephanie Metz GBLUES, SAIS, MS Speech Pathology GBLUES: 717-477-1612
SAIS: 717-530-3189
MS: 717-530-2750
Molly Smathers JB Speech Pathology 717-530-2780 Molly.smathers@ship.k12.pa.us


Gifted Education Support

Teacher Name Building Type of Support Phone Number Email
Scott Burkholder HS Gifted 717-530-2730  Scott.burkholder@ship.k12.pa.us
Chandler Johnson MS Gifted 717-530-2750 Chandler.Johnson@ship.k12.pa.us
Sharon Lawrence HS Gifted 717-530-2730 Sharon.lawrence@ship.k12.pa.us
Kristi Luke NG, JB, GBLUES, SAIS Gifted 717-530-2700 Kristi.luke@ship.k12.pa.us    
Brian Smith HS Gifted 717-530-2730 Brian.smith@ship.k12.pa.us