To enroll a student in the Shippensburg Area School District, you must complete an online enrollment form.  Please review the information below to ensure you meet the requirements to enroll in the district.

Click here to start the enrollment process for a Kindergarten student that has never attended school.

Click here to start the enrollment process for a student new to the school district.

Students new to attending school must meet the following age requirements: Kindergarten: age 5 on or before September 1 First Grade: age 6 on or before September 1

Enrolling a student in the Shippensburg Area School District? (If your student meets the homeless requirements, the state does allow flexibility on some of the requirements listed below, please call us at 717-530-2700 for more information).

  1. You must live in the Shippensburg Area School District. Some states allow parents to pick any district in the state, but not in Pennsylvania, you must attend the district in which you reside. If your child is in Grades K -3 and they are not attending Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School, the building your child attends is based on where you reside, not the location of your childcare.
    1. State auditors require us to have a proof of residency on file for each student. Acceptable forms include current driver’s license, sales/lease agreement, and utility bill.
  2. We must have a proof of age. The most commonly used form for proof of age is a birth certificate, but a few other legal documents may work. (We may be able to get this from the district your child attended last.)
  3. Immunization status
    1. Have the child fully vaccinated per PA requirements.  – PA required immunizations (We may be able to get this from the district your child attended last.)
    2. Have a Medical or Religious exemption.  For more information click here


Additional forms needed for registration.  If able, download, complete & bring to appointment.

Request for Records & Discipline Information
Tax Census Questionnaire

Pennsylvania School Code §13-1304-A

Pennsylvania School Code §13-1304-A states in part “Prior to admission to any school entity, the parent, guardian or other person having control or charge of a student shall, upon registration provide a sworn statement or affirmation stating whether the pupil was previously or is presently suspended or expelled from any public or private school of this Commonwealth or any other state for an action of offense involving a weapon, alcohol or drugs, or for the willful infliction of injury to another person or for any act of violence committed on school property.”

Click here for the required medical information.