When will my child start?

We want your child to start as soon as possible, but your child may not start right away. Our goal is to start a student the day after all enrollments requirements are completed, but it may take up to five business days.

  1. First we need all of the legally required documents mentioned above plus a completed online registration application, before the five days windows can begin.
  2. At the elementary level, students will need to be assessed to insure they are placed in the appropriate classroom.
  3. At the secondary level, the last report card and or transcripts is vital to make sure you student is in the classes that are appropriate.
  4. Depending on where the bus will be picking your student, a new stop may need added, other students may need to have their bus stop locations and or times adjusted. It may take a day or two to update everyone involved.
  5. Depending on a student’s special education needs, it may require some extra time to make sure we are prepared to meet the requirements.


If you want to speed up enrollment, please bring the following other documents

  1. The name, phone and fax number from the district the student last attended.
  2. A copy of the last report card and transcript are also helpful.
  3. All special education or gifted program documents, if applicable.
  4. All legal documents involving custody, if applicable.
  5. All legal documents involving foster placement, if applicable.