Message from the Superintendent – May 2019

When spring finally arrives, it is surprising how quickly the tree leaves fill in and summer approaches! It was not long ago that the first daffodils and flowering trees heralded spring. And now, warmth returns and the last day of school is not far off.

Each year the cycle of the seasons features different characteristics of the school year. In the last weeks of school, we hope our students find successes whether applying for post-secondary, seeking scholarships, in their culminating assessments, or their athletic and artistic endeavors; – in all instances we as a school system look forward to hearing about our students’ successes.

Looking ahead we hope our students’ families and community enjoy the upcoming celebrations and take good care of one another. Unfortunately, at times we witness the impact of harmful communications. We hope you find time to enjoy all the benefits these events offer. And, when and if someone comes up short, realize another opportunity will soon appear. When things come to a close, it can be stressful as we all aim for the best.

In this spirit of each doing our best, I want to thank our Board, administrators, teachers, staff and students for your support during my superintendency. I wish each of you – All the Best.

Educationally yours,

Jerry Wilson