New Scam going around


It has been brought to our attention that one of the newest scams going around the country are people impersonating school employees and emailing parents.  The emails request information about you or your child(ren).  Unless you are registering a student or have moved, we will not be emailing you asking for information about you or your child.  We will never ask for social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, or credit card information.  If you receive a request for information, you may call the school office that your child attends to verify the request.

Here are some warning signs to look for

  • The email has a generic greeting. 
  • Emails with bad grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Emails with an unfamiliar greeting or salutation.
  • Inconsistencies in email addresses, links & domain names.
  • Suspicious attachments.
  • Emails requesting login credentials, payment information or sensitive data.
  • Too good to be true emails.


Visit these websites for more information.