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Our mission is to prepare all students to be productive citizens who:

  • Possess knowledge
  • Accept responsibility
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Succeed within a dynamic global society



SAT cancelled on Saturday January 24th at SASHS due to pending storm. College Board has rescheduled this testing administration for Saturday, February 7th at SASHS. Students will be notified individually by College Board.

Due to the impending weather conditions, we are adjusting the start times of the basketball games for Friday, January 23rd at both locations:  JV 5:00 start and Varsity 6:30 start.

Due to the impending weather situation, the Girls JV Basketball Tournament scheduled for Saturday, January 24th at Bermudian Springs High School has been cancelled.

The wrestling match that was scheduled for Wednesday, January 21 has been rescheduled as follows:  January 26th Boiling Springs, and January 29 Susquehannock, Middle School will start at 5:30 followed by Varsity.

The January 12, 2015 snow day will be made-up on Monday February 16, 2015.  Due to the fact that the first semester is longer than the second and the career tech student MUST rotate to the Career Tech on Friday January 23, the last day of the first semester will remain Thursday January 22, 2015.


Stronger School Boards

Stronger Schools

Stronger Pennsylvania

 January is School Director Recognition Month

Have you thanked a school board member lately?  January is School Director Recognition Month, a recognition that honors members of local boards of education for their commitment to provide quality public education for Pennsylvania’s school children.

School directors generously contribute their time and talents toward the advancement of public education.  They establish policies that provide the framework for our public schools.  They represent their local communities and attend sometimes lengthy and challenging meetings, conferences and institutes for professional learning and understanding of public education.

These dedicated volunteers reside in our community.  They are our friends, neighbors, community leaders, parents and engaged senior citizens.  Although communities make a special effort to show appreciation to school directors in January, their contribution is a year-round commitment and deep appreciation is extended to them always.

Take this opportunity to help acknowledge our public servants who make the time to share their vision and voice about the future of Pennsylvania children.

The Board of School Directors for the Shippensburg Area School District are:

Mr. Herbert Cassidy, Board President

Mr. Greg McMullen, Board Vice-President

Mr. Andrew Alosi

Mr. Dwayne Burt

Mr. Mark Buterbaugh

Dr. Thomas Enderlein

Mr. Donald Hilbinger

Mrs. Marlyn Reed

Mr. Charles Suders




  • The November 26, 2014 snow day will be made-up on Friday February 13, 2015.  As a result, the end of the semester and marking period will moved from Wednesday January 21, 2015 to Thursday January 22, 2015.
  • Homeless Information:  If you and your family are struggling with issues related to homelessness (Staying in a shelter, waiting for foster care placement, sharing the housing of others or living in a hotel or motel due to the loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reason, living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, or other inadequate accommodation, or living alone as a minor student without an adult.), please contact the guidance counselor at your child’s school for help and resources.  You may also contact Mrs. Teri Mowery at Shippensburg Area Intermediate School at 530-3189.The district has upgraded to an online emergency contact update form.  All parents/guardians must verify and submit this form, even if there are no changes, so that we know you have reviewed the data we have on record.
    To access the emergency form, go to the Home Access Center at http://shphomeaccess.spihost.com/
  • Sign in.  (If you forgot your password, contact the office staff in the building your child attends.)
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on update Registration
  • In the middle there is a link just labeled New, click on New.
  • Click on the plus symbol beside address and phone, contact information, and grade based information to see the questions in those sections.
  • Once everything is verified or corrected, click on I agree and then submit.If there are errors in the fields that you cannot correct, contact the office staff in the building that your child attends.If you do not have access to complete the online form, a paper form may be requested from your student’s building for you to complete and return.If any of the information on this form changes during the school year, follow these procedures to make the changes as they happen.The district thanks you for your cooperation in making the district more efficent and providing us with accurate and timely data.
  • Attention Senior High School Parents and Guardians: The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTCP) was created pursuant to Act 85 of 2012 (72 P.S. §1701-G.1, et seq). This program enables eligible students residing within the boundaries of a low-achieving school to apply for a scholarship to attend a participating public or nonpublic school.  A low achieving school is defined as a public elementary or secondary school ranking in the bottom 15 percent of its designation as an elementary or secondary school. Shippensburg Area Senior High is on the list of the bottom 15 percent for combined performance on the 2013 Keystone exams.  For more information: Click Here OSTPC
  • Information for Parents or Guardians about the Keystone Exams Click Here
  • Title IX Interscholastic Athletic Disclosure Information
  • PA School Performance Profile Information


Ship At A Glance

High School
The faculty and staff are committed to providing students an opportunity for academic achievement and study within a rigorous, technology rich, curriculum. A wide range of studies and activities are available to compliment student interests.

Middle School
The learning environment emphasizes instructional and developmental needs of the early adolescent in grade-level teams. Students are encouraged to grow academically in the traditional content areas while exploring the arts and technology.

Intermediate School
The learning environment at this school has numerous features to assist our students in growing not only academically, but also as human beings. Character Counts emphasis along with implementing a rigorous reading and math program that is standards-based provides many opportunities for students to reach their full potential. Additionally, technology integration into the content areas is a strong component utilized by staff and students alike. Finally, teamwork and collaboration are modeled by our professional staff with programmatic decisions based upon what’s best for students.

Faculty and staff concentrate on student growth and learning basic concepts. Resources in reading and mathematics enhance an impressive, developmentally appropriate instructional environment.

2014 Ship At A Glance