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Our mission is to prepare all students to be productive citizens who:

  • Possess knowledge
  • Accept responsibility
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Succeed within a dynamic global society

How are we doing?  We are looking for feedback on your experiences with our district.


Meet & Greet Superintendent Announcement

Message from the Superintendent~

Why call a delay when one was scheduled?
As many of you know, even without inclement weather, our parents and students often forget that we have scheduled 2 hour delays, so a reminder to them seemed appropriate, especially after such a long weekend! However, the most important reason is that I used the emergency weather system to call a two hour delay last night revolves around our special needs students that travel to other districts for services. During a “scheduled” two hour delay for professional development some of our special needs students are transported “on time” to various locations in surrounding districts. In this case, administration did not deem it safe for those students to be at bus stops in the dark. When a two hour delay is called for weather, all of our students, including special needs students, get picked up with their peers two hours later.

We always do what the Career Tech does…why not this time?
In most cases, all surrounding districts are experiencing the same weather. However, this decision was based on the ability of each borough to remove snow. The larger the borough, the more time that will be needed to clean streets. Administration worked diligently with borough officials in Shippensburg and Boyo Transportation to identify the streets that needed to be cleared so that school could be in session.
It did not seem in the best interest of our students to cancel school all week while waiting for Chambersburg and surrounding boroughs to clean their streets when the streets in Shippensburg were cleared enough to have school.

Have you seen my neighborhood?
Administration, specifically Mr. Montedoro, Director of Transportation, with the help of Mr. Suders from Boyo Transportation, traveled every inch of the routes and inspected every turn around for our buses. This is the practice on EVERY storm. As always, there will be areas of concern. ANY parent who does not want to send their child to school due to concerns regarding weather, simply needs to indicate that in a note and they will be excused.

I heard some bus stops were changed. I was never notified.
A few bus stops were changed and the impacted families were contacted by the transportation department. There is no need to contact the families of 3400 students when only a few hundred are impacted.

I sincerely hope this clears up any confusion or concerns you may have regarding the extremely complicated weather-related decisions that are made by the District.

Beth Bender
Superintendent of Schools












Updating Student Contact and Medical Information

  • To update/verify the information about your child, all parents/guardians must verify and submit an online form.  Even if there are no changes, so that we know you have reviewed the data we have for your child.
    To access the emergency form, go to the Home Access Center at www.shipk12.org/hac
  • Sign in.  (If you forgot your password, contact the office staff in the building your child attends.)
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Update Registration
  • In the middle there is a link just labeled New, click on New.
  • Verify the information in the four sections.  You may need to click on the plus symbol beside different sections to open them.
  • Once everything is verified or corrected, click on I agree and then  click on submit.
  • If there are errors in the fields that you cannot correct, contact the office staff in the building that your child attends.  If you do not have access to complete the online form, a paper form may be requested from your student’s building for you to complete and return.  If any of the information on this form changes during the school year, follow these procedures to make the changes as needed.  The district thanks you for your cooperation in making the district more efficient and providing us with accurate and timely data.


Brick-by-Brick Campaign:

Several years ago, the SASD Education Foundation created the Shippensburg Area High School Legacy Entrance with engraved pavers signifying the community’s commitment to education. There is still an opportunity for you to purchase a personalized engraved brick paver that will become part of this permanent entrance at the high school. Please consider making yourself, your graduating senior, a team, your family, and/or a business part of this legacy.

4” x 8” red brick paver with 3 lines of engraving – $100

12” x 12” red brick paver with 3 lines of engraving – $500

24” x 24” red brick paver with 6 lines of engraving and custom logo – $1,500

Your purchase is tax-deductible. Thank you for your consideration of this exciting project!  For more information Click Here


  • Homeless Information:  If you and your family are struggling with issues related to homelessness (Staying in a shelter, waiting for foster care placement, sharing the housing of others or living in a hotel or motel due to the loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reason, living in a car, park, campground, abandoned building, or other inadequate accommodation, or living alone as a minor student without an adult.), please contact the guidance counselor at your child’s school for help and resources.  You may also contact Mrs. Teri Mowery at Shippensburg Area Intermediate School at 530-3189.

Ship At A Glance

High School
The faculty and staff are committed to providing students an opportunity for academic achievement and study within a rigorous, technology rich, curriculum. A wide range of studies and activities are available to compliment student interests.

Middle School
The learning environment emphasizes instructional and developmental needs of the early adolescent in grade-level teams. Students are encouraged to grow academically in the traditional content areas while exploring the arts and technology.

Intermediate School
The learning environment at this school has numerous features to assist our students in growing not only academically, but also as human beings. Character Counts emphasis along with implementing a rigorous reading and math program that is standards-based provides many opportunities for students to reach their full potential. Additionally, technology integration into the content areas is a strong component utilized by staff and students alike. Finally, teamwork and collaboration are modeled by our professional staff with programmatic decisions based upon what’s best for students.

Faculty and staff concentrate on student growth and learning basic concepts. Resources in reading and mathematics enhance an impressive, developmentally appropriate instructional environment.

2015 Ship At A Glance