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Our mission is to prepare all students to be productive citizens who:

  • Possess knowledge
  • Accept responsibility
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills
  • Succeed within a dynamic global society


  • The district has upgraded to an online emergency contact update form.  We will not be sending paper copies the first day of school.  This should make verifying the information easier.  We are requiring that this information is verified for every student, before August 27th.  You may verify the information now for the upcoming school year.  All parents/guardians must verify and submit this form, even if there are no changes, so that we know you have reviewed the data we have on record.
    To access the emergency form, go to the Home Access Center at http://shphomeaccess.spihost.com/
  • Sign in.  (If you forgot your password, contact the office staff in the building your child attends.)
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on update Registration
  • In the middle there is a link just labeled New, click on New (The vendor is working on improving this.)
  • Click on the plus symbol beside address and phone, contact information, and grade based information to see the questions in those sections.
  • Once everything is verified or corrected, click on I agree and then submit.If there are errors in the fields that you cannot correct, contact the office staff in the building that your child attends.If you do not have access to complete the online form, a paper form may be requested from your student’s building for you to complete and return.If any of the information on this form changes during the school year, follow these procedures to make the changes as they happen.

    The district thanks you for your cooperation in making the district more efficent and providing us with accurate and timely data.

  • How are we doing?  We are looking for feedback on your experiences with our district.
  • Attention Senior High School Parents and Guardians: The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTCP) was created pursuant to Act 85 of 2012 (72 P.S. §1701-G.1, et seq). This program enables eligible students residing within the boundaries of a low-achieving school to apply for a scholarship to attend a participating public or nonpublic school.  A low achieving school is defined as a public elementary or secondary school ranking in the bottom 15 percent of its designation as an elementary or secondary school. Shippensburg Area Senior High is on the list of the bottom 15 percent for combined performance on the 2013 Keystone exams.  For more information: Click Here OSTPC
  • Information for Parents or Guardians about the Keystone Exams Click Here
  • Young Writers Contest & Summer Programs @ the Mercersburg Academy
  • 2014 Young Writers Academy (Grades 1-12), June 23-27 @ PennState Harrisburg
  • Shippensburg Area School District 403(b) Plan 2014 Universal Availability Notice for more information click here)
  • Through the Home Access Center, you may subscribe to email alerts, saving you the time of regularly going into the Home Access Center to see if anything has been updated.  The available email alerts are:
  • Attendance – If your child was absent during the week, you will receive a weekly summary Friday evenings.  You could receive up to one email a week per child with this alert.
  • Discipline – If your child had a discipline issue that the office entered into the system, you will receive an email that evening with a summary of the issue.  You could receive up to one email a day per child with this alert.
  • Grade changes – If any of your child’s teachers made a change in the gradebook that day, you will receive one email that evening, listing all of the changes made to the homework assignments or grades entered by all of the teachers that day.  You may customize this to only email you if your child receives a grade below or above a score that you select.  You could receive up to one email a day per child with this alert.  For more information click here.
  • Title IX Interscholastic Athletic Disclosure Information
  • PA School Performance Profile Information

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Ship At A Glance

High School
The faculty and staff are committed to providing students an opportunity for academic achievement and study within a rigorous, technology rich, curriculum. A wide range of studies and activities are available to compliment student interests.

Middle School
The learning environment emphasizes instructional and developmental needs of the early adolescent in grade-level teams. Students are encouraged to grow academically in the traditional content areas while exploring the arts and technology.

Intermediate School
The learning environment at this school has numerous features to assist our students in growing not only academically, but also as human beings. Character Counts emphasis along with implementing a rigorous reading and math program that is standards-based provides many opportunities for students to reach their full potential. Additionally, technology integration into the content areas is a strong component utilized by staff and students alike. Finally, teamwork and collaboration are modeled by our professional staff with programmatic decisions based upon what’s best for students.

Faculty and staff concentrate on student growth and learning basic concepts. Resources in reading and mathematics enhance an impressive, developmentally appropriate instructional environment.

District At A Glance