Central Office Administration

Bill August



Mr. William August

717-530-2700 ext. 1002

To Be Determined

Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Leslee DeLong

717-530-2700 ext. 1004

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Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Dr. Susan Donat

717-530-2700, ext. 1004

Cristy Lentz

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Cristy Lentz

717-530-2700, ext. 1022

Nicole Weber

Director of Human Resources

Mrs. Nicole Weber

717-530-2700, ext. 1031

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Interim Operations/Maintenance Director

Darrell Barnhart

717-530-2700, ext. 1091

Lauren Zima-Engro

Director of Student Services

Mrs. Lauren Zima-Engro

717-530-2700, ext. 1042

To Be Determined

Assistant Director of Student Services

Mr. Jeremy Eastman

717-530-2700, ext. 1043


Sarah Fanus

Athletic Director

Ms. Sarah Fanus

717-530-2700, ext. 1061

Troy Stevens

Director of Technology

Dr. Troy Stevens

717-530-2700, ext. 1051

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Transportation Director

Randy Bibey

717-530-2700, ext. 1066

School Building Administration

Deborah Luffy

High School Principal

Mrs. Deborah Luffy

717-530-2700, ext. 6901

To Be Determined

High School Assistant Principal

Mrs. Blake Fritz

717- 530-2700, ext. 6902

Matthew Flohr

High School Assistant Principal

Matthew Flohr

717-530-2700, ext. 6903

Jeremy Barnes Photo

Middle School Principal

Mr. Jeremy Barnes

717-530-2700, ext. 5901

Stephanie Barnhart

Middle School Assistant Principal

Mrs. Stephanie Barnhart

717-530-2700, ext. 5902

Fitz Picture

Middle School Assistant Principal

Mrs. April Fitz 

717-530-2700, ext. 5903

Teri Mowery

Intermediate School Principal

Mrs. Teri Mowery

717-530-2700, ext. 4901

Jeremy Eastman

Nancy Grayson Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Nicole Avery

717-530-2700, ext. 2901

Holly Garner

Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School Director

Mrs. Holly Garner


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James Burd Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Andrea Pyles

717-530-2700, ext. 3901