Superintendent's Message

September 2023

Dear Greyhound Family,

It is people who make places special, and this is absolutely true for both Shippensburg Area School District and the community that is so supportive of us.  SASD is blessed to have hardworking and dedicated teachers, support staff, bus drivers, administrators, and school board members working with, and for, our amazing students every day. As superintendent, I am grateful for the staff and students we have at SASD as they serve as daily inspiration for our work to become the best version of ourselves and the finest school District in two counties.  

Our students excel both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.  Their successes are a source of pride, not only for the District, but for our entire community.  The Shippensburg community, which includes Shippensburg University and a number of small businesses and international corporations, is a vibrant one that actively supports the District in a multitude of ways.   Our community takes great pride in the accomplishments of our students and they are a source of strength for us.  We are truly fortunate to have the many opportunities that are available in Shippensburg that may not exist elsewhere.  

In order to help guide our work, SASD has created a Profile of a Graduate to serve as a tool to assist our teachers and students in designing, practicing, and mastering the skills deemed most necessary for success as our students take their next steps after a K-12 experience   Built through a collaborative process, our Profile represents what our students, staff, and community value most and deem critical for life long success.  These areas include being an effective communicator and collaboration.  Knowing how to think critically and innovate, while also being responsible and resilient.  

In closing, great things are happening in our District as well as in our classrooms and we are poised to continue to grow to meet the challenges before us.   We are so proud to be who we are based on our past accomplishments and we are looking forward to an even brighter future.    

Go Greyhounds! 


Bill August
Shippensburg Area School District