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STAR Teacher

Mr. Jared Krebs

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Social Worker

Mrs. Tabitha Curtis

Classroom Assistant


About the STAR Program

The middle school years can be a very challenging time in a child’s life.  Students at this age level experience a variety of changes, emotionally and physically.  Students, grades 6-8 are truly “in the middle” of their transition from childhood to young adulthood.  The Shippensburg Therapeutic and Academic Resource (STAR) program is an opportunity to provide qualifying students a temporary, in-house education option.  The program is an extended service offered only to select students.

This program is run concurrent with the regular school day and is designed to provide an educational setting in which students might find success, having been unable to do so in the traditional setting.  Some students are in need of a smaller class size and extra supervision and attention to learn how to be successful in a traditional classroom at this level.  Success of this program has been defined as a student’s reintegration into the regular school program at his/her appropriate grade level.  An emphasis will be placed on building self-esteem and self-discipline.  Students will be taught the necessary interpersonal skills to function as responsible, contributing members of society. 

There will be a certified teacher, aide and social worker assigned to this classroom/program.  Students will receive grade-appropriate individual or group instruction in Social Studies, Math, Science, Reading, English and Social Skills.  Computers will also be used as an additional learning tool.  Emphasis will be placed on teaching the core courses as well as appropriate social skills, responsibility, and conflict resolution. 

Parents and guardians should be an integral part of the program and make every attempt to contact the teacher on a regular basis to check on the progress of their student.  Daily progress reports will be sent home by the teacher to the parent.

STAR Program Student Handbook